St.James Oil LLC Absolute Auction

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Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 9:00am 151 Sidney Street

Auction Bill: 

                              ST JAMES OIL LLC ABSOLUTE  AUCTION
St James Oil LLC will sell new inventory of tires and lubricants and used trucks at public auction on Saturday October 7th, beginning at9:00 AM.
Location;151 Sidney StreetSt James Mo 65559
Directions; From Interstate 44, take Exit #195-Highway 68 North from Interstate and go little more than ¼ mile, then turn right on Sidney Street to auction. Roads will be marked day of sale.
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: With all of the new inventory, sales tax will be charged where applicable unless a tax exempt certificate is shown. This is only a partial listing of tires and sizes, there are anywhere from 1 to dozens of some tires and sizes, many in sets of 4, and the tires are all new and in date inventory. There are at least 1,300 new tires to be auctioned.
NEW COOPER TIRES     (over 800 new Cooper tires will sell after trucks-Noon)
CS5 GRAND TOURING; 15”TIRES- 185/60-195/60-205/6O-215/60-205/65-215/65-205/70R15, 16” TIRES-205/55R16-205/60-215/690-225/60-185/65-235/60-225/65-235/65-225/70, 17” TIRES-235/55-215/60-225/60-235/60-225/65R17, 18” 225/55R18 CS5 ULTRA TOURING ; 225/60R15-205/50R16-195/55R15-215/55R16-235/65R17-225/55R18-215/50R17, DISCOVERER A/T3 TIRES; passenger/SUV/light truck tires over 180 of the A/T3 model from 15”-18” all sizes from 225/70R15 to LT315/75R16-LT275/65R20, DISCOVERER H/T TIRES; 80 tires of this model from 15”-17” passenger tires, DISCOVERER HT3 TIRES; 65 light truck tires from LT265/70R17-LT225/75R17-LT215/85R16-LT285/75R16, DISCOVERER S/T MAXX TIRES; LT225/75R16-LT285/75R16-LT235/85R16-LT265/70R17-LT245/75R17, DISCOVERER SRX tires;  215/70R16-235/65R17-245/70R17-255/50R20-255/65R18, ZEON RS3-A-set of four P235/50R18 Ultra Hi Performance tires,
NEW NEXEN TIRES     (Over 500 Nexen tires will sell after trucks atNoon)
NEXEN CP672 tires; ranging in size from P175/65R14-P195/60R14-through P225/55R18-P235/50R18-P245/50R18 with lots of 16” and 17” tires-all widths-heights, Nexen Rodian AT Pro and HTX tires; Light Truck tires up to 10 ply-LT245/70-17, LT235/80-17, LT235/85-16, 245/40-20, LT245/75-17-LT265/75-16, LT265/70-17-other sizes, OTHER TIRES; Roadmaster 285/75-24.5, Regal 11R225 drive, Sampson 11R225, Yokohama 11R225, Yokohama 285/75-24.5 tires,
MOTOR OIL QUARTS; JD Street oil, Mobil Super500 5W30-10W30-5W20 Delvac 1540, Castrol, Quaker State, SAE30, 5W40, Havoline SAE30, Race Oil, motorcycle oil, Pennzoil SAE30, Valvoline SAE30, Delo 400 SAE40, SYNTHETIC OILS; 5W30, 10W30, 5W20, Rotella T 540, 0W20 full synthetic Dexos oil, 10W30 full synthetic oil, Ford SAE5W20 synthetic, 5 GALLON BUCKETS; 100+ Tractor 303 hydraulic fluid, 70+ AW68, 20+AW46, Mobil SHC630, Mobil SHC632, 424 Premium Tractor, DTE25, Mobil DTE10 Excel 15, Mobil DTE Excel 46, Mobil DTE heavy oil, BP Syn295 transmission fluid, Chevron Delo 400 SAE30, Shell Omala S1 W460, Shell Tellus S2 M32, Phillips 66 T5X heavy duty 30, SAE 90, Valvoline 75W90 gear oil, Premium Blue natural gas oil, Valvoline 80W90 gear oil, Valvoline Grease, Valvoline MERC5 ATF,  16 GALLON KEGS; Valvoline 75W90 synthetic gear oil, Valvoline 75W90 HP gear oil, Valvoline general purpose grease, 55 GALLON BARRELS; brake clean, Zerex HD Antifreeze, Zerex G-05 Antifreeze, Zerex Dexcool, Antifreeze, 50/50 mix coolant-antifreeze, Pennzoil 5W30, Pennzoil 10W30, Pennzoil 5W20, Castrol multi vehicle ATF, 5W30 Full Synthetic Dexos, Valvoline Dex 6 ATF, Valvoline All Fleet 40, MISCELLANEOUS; Homelight 2 cycle oil, tire sealer, VP Chemicals, Def: Diesel Fuel, air brake antifreeze, 4 stroke MC Oil 20W50, Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer, radiater stop leak, 134A refrigerant, Type F transmission fluid, R&O ISO32, Valvoline ATF+4, Diesel Kleen, Valvoline Oil, Valvoline transmission fluid, 40 cases bar and chain oil, lot 2 cycle oil,             
TRUCKS/TRAILER/SHOP EQUIPMENT     (trucks will sell at12:00Noon)
1998 Ford F-150 truck, 1995 Chevy V8 2 door, 42’ semi road trailer, SHOP; on the car brake lathe, brake lathe, brake wash system, parts washers, bubble tire balancer, RTI oil service, coolant center, TRI TC700 refrigerant recovery, RTI tranny machine, drum carts, drum dollies, antifreeze pumps, oil pumps, oil drain container, shop towel waste can, conveyer, Bando belts